Token Supply: Ensuring Scarcity and Long-term Value Appreciation

A fixed total supply of $AYA tokens will be created to maintain scarcity and foster long-term value appreciation. By implementing a hard cap on the number of tokens, Agaya DAO ensures that the token supply remains limited, which helps to prevent inflationary pressures and promotes stability within the ecosystem. This approach is designed to encourage sustainable growth and protect the interests of token holders and stakeholders alike.

Distribution: Balancing the Ecosystem through Strategic Token Allocation

The $AYA token distribution will be thoughtfully allocated to various stakeholders, including community members, team members, advisors, and partners, to ensure a balanced and sustainable ecosystem. By carefully distributing tokens among different participants, Agaya DAO creates a well-rounded token economy that encourages collaboration, innovation, and shared success. This inclusive approach not only fosters a strong sense of community, but also helps to drive long-term value creation for all stakeholders involved.

Token Release Schedule: Aligning Long-term Interests and Ensuring Ongoing Development

Tokens allocated to the team, advisors, and partners will be subject to a vesting schedule, designed to align their long-term interests with those of the Agaya DAO ecosystem. This approach ensures that key participants remain committed to the project's success and are incentivized to contribute to its ongoing development and growth. The vesting schedule also serves to mitigate potential risks associated with token dumping, which could negatively impact the token's value and overall market stability.

In summary, the Agaya DAO tokenomics strategy revolves around maintaining scarcity, ensuring balanced distribution, and aligning long-term interests through a token release schedule. By adopting this comprehensive approach, Agaya DAO aims to create a sustainable token economy that fosters collaboration, innovation, and shared success among all stakeholders, ultimately driving the growth and longevity of the ecosystem. In depth Tokenomics will be revealed soon.

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