Akhil Dubey

Aki, Co-founder of Agaya DAO, is a seasoned investment professional and strategic thinker with over a decade of experience in building wealth, managing portfolios, and navigating the dynamic world of Web3. As a key player in a successful real estate coworking business and a driving force behind multiple NFT launches, Aki has honed his skills in identifying lucrative opportunities, forging strategic partnerships, and executing innovative strategies. With his in-depth knowledge of Web3, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and digital assets, Aki excels at market analysis, risk management, and financial planning. His impressive track record of managing investment portfolios and delivering strong returns speaks to his keen understanding of market dynamics and ability to capitalize on emerging trends. Aki's remarkable ability to get things done and his unwavering commitment to excellence make him an invaluable asset to Agaya DAO. As the co-founder, he brings his extensive experience, strategic mindset, and results-driven approach, bolstered by his skills in negotiation, communication, and project management, to propel the organization towards its ambitious goals. Aki will play a critical role in shaping Agaya DAO's future, leveraging emerging technologies and creating innovative solutions across industries.

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