Agaya 2024

Months 10-12: Growth and Consolidation

  • Scale the operations of Agaya Labs and Agaya Media, based on the learnings from the first few months.

  • Explore opportunities for launching new businesses under the Agaya DAO umbrella.

  • Continue to grow and engage the community, focusing on building strong relationships and fostering a sense of belonging among members.

Months 13-15: Preparation for $AYA Token Launch

  • Begin planning for the introduction of the $AYA token.

💡 $AYA is the governance token and future currency of the Agaya ecosystem.

  • Engage the community in discussions about the tokenomics and potential uses of the $AYA token.

  • Work on necessary technical and legal preparations for the token launch.

Months 16-18: $AYA Token Launch (subject to market conditions)

  • Launch the $Aya token, distribute it to the community, and use it to further incentivize participation and engagement.

  • Continue to grow and diversify the Agaya DAO ecosystem, with a focus on sustainable impact and community-driven innovation.

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