Agaya DAO

Agaya 2023 Q2-Q4

2023: Q2 1. Finalize pre-seed funding round 2. Assemble core team and advisors 3. Develop and launch Agaya DAO's website and social media channels 4. Begin community building and engagement initiatives 2023: Q3 1. Develop $AYA token 2. Establish strategic partnerships and collaborations 3. Begin development of Agaya Labs' Web3 solutions 4. Start marketing and promotional efforts for Agaya DAO and its sub-entities 2023: Q4 1. Launch Agaya Labs' initial products and services 2. Initiate Agaya Realty's first real estate investment and development projects 3. Release Agaya Media's AI-driven international business news platform 4. Begin Agaya Research's crypto portfolio management services