Agaya DAO

Agaya 2024 Q1-Q4

2024: Q1 1. Establish Agaya Foundation's Web3 education initiatives 2. Evaluate progress and impact of sub-entities' products and services 3. Refine and expand product offerings based on market feedback and demand 4. Continue community building and engagement efforts
2024: Q2 1. Launch of $AYA 2. Further develop and enhance Agaya Labs' Web3 solutions 3. Expand Agaya Realty's real estate investment and development portfolio 4. Increase Agaya Media's content coverage and reach 2024: Q3 1. Optimize Agaya Research's investment strategies and tools 2. Expand Agaya Foundation's educational offerings and partnerships 3. Evaluate potential new sub-entities to incorporate into Agaya DAO's ecosystem 4. Foster an active and growing community of users, contributors, and partners 2024: Q4 and Beyond 1. Introduce staking and governance functionalities for $AYA token holders 2. Continuously iterate and improve existing products and services 3. Strengthen Agaya DAO's position as a leader in Web3, AI, and VR/AR solutions 4. Ensure sustainable growth and long-term success for the entire Agaya DAO ecosystem